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Unraveling Property Disputes and Real Estate Law: Safeguarding Your Assets with Legal Expertise

Exploring Property Disputes and Real Estate Law: Property, an invaluable asset, often becomes the center of legal contention. Real Estate Law governs the acquisition, use, transfer, and disputes related to real property, with an emphasis on ensuring transparent transactions and safeguarding individuals’ property rights.

How We Champion Your Interests:

  • Title Verification and Due Diligence: Before engaging in any property transaction, a thorough title verification and due diligence process is essential. Our adept attorneys scrutinize property records, uncovering any encumbrances or disputes to protect your interests.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements: Structuring legally sound purchase or sale agreements is crucial to preventing future disputes. We draft meticulously tailored agreements, safeguarding your rights and mitigating potential risks.
  • Boundary and Encroachment Disputes: Boundary disputes can escalate into significant conflicts. Our legal expertise helps resolve such disputes, defining property boundaries and negotiating fair resolutions to preserve your property rights.
  • Tenancy and Lease Agreements: We assist both landlords and tenants in crafting comprehensive lease and tenancy agreements, ensuring mutual rights and responsibilities are protected.
  • Construction and Development Issues: In the realm of real estate development, complexities often arise. Our seasoned attorneys navigate construction contracts, permitting processes, and regulatory compliance, safeguarding your development endeavours.
  • Adverse Possession Claims: Our legal experts represent you in adverse possession claims, whether you are asserting ownership or defending against such claims, employing formidable defences to protect your property rights.
  • Real Estate Litigation: When disputes escalate, our tenacious litigators represent you in real estate litigation, providing vigorous advocacy and comprehensive legal strategies for favourable outcomes.
  • Property Tax Matters: Our lawyers offer sound advice on property tax matters, ensuring you comply with applicable laws and leverage available benefits.

Specialised Tribunals and Courts for Real Estate Disputes in India:

In addition to traditional courts, India has specialised forums dedicated to adjudicating real estate disputes and providing efficient resolutions.

  1. Real Estate Regulatory Authority Tribunal (REAT): The Real Estate Regulatory Authority Tribunal is established under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA). It provides a platform for aggrieved homebuyers, builders, and real estate agents to seek redressal of disputes arising from property transactions. REAT operates at the state level and handles matters pertaining to RERA compliance, project delays, quality issues, refund claims, and other related disputes.
  2. Appellate Tribunal: Each state also has an Appellate Tribunal constituted under RERA to hear appeals against the orders of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Tribunal. Parties dissatisfied with REAT decisions can approach the Appellate Tribunal to seek a review of the judgments.
  3. Consumer Forums and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC): Consumers aggrieved by builders or developers can approach the appropriate Consumer Forum, depending on the value of the claim, to seek compensation and relief for deficiencies in services or unfair trade practices. For claims exceeding a specified value, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) serves as the highest consumer appellate authority.

At The Lawmen Group, our in-depth understanding of Real Estate Law extends to these specialised tribunals and consumer forums, allowing us to effectively represent your interests before them. Our mission is to navigate the complexities of Property Disputes and Real Estate Law, leveraging these forums when needed, to protect your assets and secure favourable resolutions.

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